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Okay, here's some pictures of some of my accessories! Because greyhounds don't have a lot of hair and practically no body fat to protect from the cold, coats and accessories are quite common and useful. Also you can see me with my racing silk. I displayed #8 for the 2 years that I raced.

(you can click the image for a larger photo)

rude dog protection agency
Ximmaron's ID Badge!
(custom made for him by one of his security dog friends for fun!)


my custom greyhound coat

Ahh, my housecoat. I wear this when I ramble outside and it is cold.

As you can see, it even has a neck warmer! :)

my greyhound housecoat.
my racing silky
This is my racing silk.
my greyhound snood
This is my "Snood". It's for really cold days. I don't really like it when it covers my ears though.
My Snood can even cover my ears
greyhound boots (mutluks0

These are my "MutLuks". They are for rocky terrain (hiking), snow, or when the pavement is really hot. I am built as a speed machine so my feet don't like sharp rocks or really cold or hot.

On the right you can see how I take them off. Just stand on one with your other foot....well , you get the idea.

removing dog mutluks

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