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HI! Glad you made it!

So you want to see some pictures of me eh? Okay. My humans like to take photos, I hope you enjoy them. This page is some frisbee fun. I also have some other great photos here where I am sporting some great accessories!

Come back often to see new ones! You may even see some other greyhounds on here soon
(hint, hint).

Make sure and see my other page where I am sporting the lastest fashion from Sharee's K9 Go See!

This is my Old Navy "muscle shirt" for when I work out. Just thought I'd model my muscles for you.

Oh, by the way, you can click on some of the photos for a slightly larger size.

Ximmaron bring back the Frisbee
I gotta tell yah - I LOVE my frisbee. It is one of my favorite things to do! I do have to bring it back though so they can throw it again.
ximmaron our Greyhound
Well,,,,,,throw it already!
this greyhound loves to chase his frisbees

This is my other one. I like my plastic one better, but this one will do in a pinch (and they can throw this one farther).

taking a break from playing frisbee
Time for a break. Not me, the humans. :)
ximmaron waiting to play

Are you going to go to my next page? Click my nose. No, really, go ahead. It's okay.

Photogallery 1

About GreyHounds

Cancer Update

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my very best friend
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