July 1, 1992 - September 26th, 2005


The main page is in Flash format. If having trouble viewing it make sure you have the flash plugin installed (if not then the page will offer the free download to you). Most all up-to-date browsers should have this standard plugin. If on dial-up then you must wait for the flash movie to load.

Below are alternative formats to the online flash memorial. These are longer versions and have more photos.

You can run online by clicking the file,
right click the link then select 'save as' to save to your hard drive and run in real-time & offline on your computer.

WMV movie format (hi resolution - best) - 26 Mb

WMV movie format (med resolution) - 6 Mb

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There are several options to run mpeg or wmv files. Microsoft media player is standard as well as either Realplayer or Quicktime (Macs). These are all available online and for free. I suggest WMP (Windows Media Player). An MPEG file is available but not on here as a download because it is 286 Mb.

There is also a complete Photo Gallery







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