July 1, 1992 - September 26th, 2005

My very best friend.
The kindest soul I've ever known.
The best pal I have ever had.


Ximmaron turned 13 July 1st, 2005. He was still doing well but age was beginning to take it's toll. His back legs no longer had the same stamina and he began tiring more easily. MENTALLY he was always ready to play or just be with us and kept his youthful attitude right until the end. Although he wanted to still chase his favorite stuffed bear and do all the things he liked to do his body wouldn't cooperate. It was becoming increasingly harder for him to perfom basic functions. At times he would need help getting up or going potty because his back legs just did not have the strength anymore. Concern of him hurting himself came to the forefront this year as he was sometimes tripping or falling.

At 2:30PM on September 26th Ximmaron passed away. He went peacefully on his bed at home as I held him close.

Ximmaron had a private cremation.

He will be missed every day and remembered forever.

My dearest friend in the whole world.





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